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Here follows a rundown of all the recording sessions as laid down by F8.
Across 4 years (1997 - 2000) F8 recorded 4 EPs, mostly unreleased (+ a new upcoming 2016 cut).
all songs written, produced & performed by paul blom

© Flamedrop Productions 1997 - 2001




1. !!speeed!!
2. Dr. Faustus
3. Karnival DeGrind

In 1997 with V.O.D on hold after the release of the band's "Bloedrivier" album and European tour, the members on different continents, drummer Paul got itchy to create some tunes. Hence he became Pablo Priest, venturing into a musical realm completely dependent on his input alone - no pressure or obligation to stick to a certain sound, style, genre or identity. The plinky-plonky mess around on the new bass guitar he bought in London had to head somewhere. It ended up getting its first immortalizing on mess-around live 4-track recordings at 50 Bloem Street, home of friends Jules & Vern. Here the bedroom studio of Jules tasted the first incarnation which would end up becoming F8. Neighbours aside, the volume had to be cranked! Drum patterns were programmed & run from a Roland drum machine, the rest pretty much improvised live over it. Just the basic idea of a main riff became the basics, Jules punching in sample soundFX & Vern belching vocals. With a so-fucking-what attitude there were no thoughts of ever releasing the cacophonic songs like I'm A Booza!, Vernie, Get Me A Drink and The Nellie Song was just plain Saturday afternoon fun (while others watched rugby or beat people up at beach braais). "Kept us out of trouble" as the old folk would say. But, it couldn't have come to its original fruition without the cheap Vodka aide! The only tracks to be of some use in a lo-fi, chaos-with-structure kinda way were !!speeed!!, Dr Faustus and Karnival DeGrind. These became the definitive tracks to comprise A D8 WITH F8.

© 1997 Flamedrop Productions
Written & produced by Paul Blom / Co-produced by Julian Oosthuizen
Lyrics by Werner Offner
All songs executed by Paul Blom & Julian Oosthuizen except "!!speeed!!" & "Dr Faustus" with Werner Offner on vocals.
Bass, sceams, programming by Paul Blom
Samples, keyboards and engineering by Julian Oosthuizen
Lead vocals by Werner Offner

Pronounced: FATE

Early '98 Hennie of Way Cool Records commissioned three F8 tracks for the Way Cool compilation CD. Which ones to pick? Hennie found the original recordings of A D8 WITH F8 a little too hard-core, lo-fi and crude for the CD and wanted to finance re-recordings.. So, after a hectic & tight session with digital engineer Dirk Van Straaten (R.I.P) at The Music Room Studios in Harrington Street, Cape Town, 7 tracks popped out.
Narrowing it down to these were no easy task. The super maniacal grinding speed tracks were weeded out and the ones sounding more like "songs" ended up on the hard drive. With the limited budget, the desired effect to make it sound like Tekno-Grind could not be fulfilled. Still, it's not meant to be either techno or grindcore - so that'll piss a few people off - cool. Time constraints also hampered any electronic sample experimentation. This might be seen as a work in progress, but it is an entity unto itself. Anything can be added and since it's just one guy, a bass guitar and a drum machine, any additions can be considered for live renditions... except... six string guitars - acoustic or electric.
The Music Room sessions became known as Pronounced: FATE, especially since most morons don't realise numbers still have a phonetic value when pronounced and morphing a letter and number can create an existing word. Besides, "F8" looks much cooler than the 4-letter version known to most. If nothing else, the
F8 logo is one fuckin' sexy piece of work! So if the songs don't turn you on, at least you can drool over the sheer brilliance of the logo design!

1. These Hands
The song takes a cold, hard look at domestic violence - pulsating and gothically emotional. (These are alos Paul's first stab at "singing")

2. Surfin's Tha Word
A surfin' tune by someone who's never surfed before in his life! This parody chronicles the anguish of a closet surfer stuck up-country in a dry metropolis. This is the only track with live drums (and trombone), and is a tongue in cheek stab filled with delicious cliches. Very indigenous. In many respects it was deliberately created for friend Honest Gav who is a big SKA fan.

3. Narcoma
A 'love song' directed at a beloved in a narcotic coma - serious, powerful, heartfelt.

4. Handmade Apocalypse
The song scrutinizes the human race and its idiotic self-destructive urges. A global outcry.

5. Disko In Fur? No!
A rip from start to finish, pointless, meaningless like most disco songs are. Cool, funky, silly, irreverant. And an animal rights hint perhaps?

6. SexHex
This represents the only Afrikaans language track, its first incarnation was "Sexwitch", conceived with Jules. Depraved without being crude. Harder than some hard-dance tracks it includes some hilarious cheezy lyrics and a chest punching beat, complete with backward messages. (The song was also included on the 2009 "Kopskoot!" heavy Afrikaans compilation CD).

7. Drone (Version 1.0)
The track c onsist of a throbbing programmed drum assault to be expanded, improved and upgraded indefinitely. This original, embryonic raw state is a 2 minute hypnotic experience of pure nothingness. Only useful when played full blast.

8. This Minute
A minute of silence represents our world and the preposterous position we're in. Each minute that slips by is gone forever and within those 60 seconds, unheard of atrocities play itself out around every corner while we stand by and watch, humanity sucked further down the freaking tubes.

With the absence of previous co-conspirators, Jules & Vern, F8 has evolved into a vault of personal expression. Writing and producing all the tracks, playing bass, live drums and programming, Paul also did the (gulp!) vocals from there onwards - a task taken upon in the studio for the first time, the lyrics written shortly after the instruments were laid down.
Paul's brother Francois was on standby to do vocals if the shit went down. Some reverb later and... what the fuck?! Who cares if it sucks?! Francois did perform the voals at a the only ever (far-out) PVC-clad live F8 show (at the behest of SL Magazine's Malu Van Leeuwen) as part of a Battle Of The Bands showcase SL held at The River Club - the winning band playing Oppi Koppi (Grunt won?). Theo Crous and Simon Portock were also percussion guests on the "Drone" track.
The only contributions from other nuts were that of Willem van der Merwe's trombone on "Surfin's the Word" as well as Henk Blom (yes, another brother) and Dave Ledbetter on additional backing vocals for the same song.

© 1998 Flamedrop Productions
All songs written, produced and performed by Paul Blom including all bass guitars, live & programmed drums, lead & backing vocals
Engineered by Dirk Van Straaten @ The Music Room Studios
Executive Producer: Hennie Legrange
Trombone on "Surfin's Tha Word" by Willem van der Merwe
Additional backing vocals on "Surfin's Tha Word" by Henk Blom, Willem van der Merwe and Dave Ledbetter.
Special thanks to Hennie Le Grange at Way Cool Records

F8 Step On It!


Initially the 1st two recording sessions (the EPs Pronounced: FATE and A D8 With F8) were compiled as Step On It ! A super limited edition CD. The unconventional nature of F8 is evident in the metal treadplate case packaging. Why do everything by the book? Why be boring? If you don't like it... Step On It !


During 1999 Paul spent a lot of time in Johannesburg (Gauteng) - chances were big of a move there from his born & bred Cape Town. That never happened. While many songs were conceived during this period, none were recorded. The only recordings made were 5 programmed tracks. With vocals absent in the light of these lo-fi-digital electronic experiments, the idea dawned to make it a themed concept trip around Addictions - each song trapping a mood or feeling relating to certain addictions which make up the larger part of our human existence.
They are all pretty self explanatory:

1. ReBeFa (Religion / Belief / Faith)

2. LoSeLu (Love / Sex / Lust)

3. MoGreGa (Money / Greed / Gambling)

4. NaPhAlDru (Narcotics / Pharmaceuticals / Alcohol / Drugs)

5. DeOpDoCo (Destruction / Oppression / Domination / Corruption)

© 1999 Flamedrop Productions
All songs written, produced and programmed by Paul Blom


Various 4-track recordings were made on a deck borrowed from Theo. Most got lost but these two intrumentals were salvaged.

This instrumental track (and "a.c.h.e") ended up being used in Paul's short film imPERFECTION in 2004 (the song title subsequently changed to be the movie's title track). The soundtrack also featured other F8 songs as well as demo songs of Paul & Sonja's band Terminatryx.

2. a.c.h.e.
A flowing mood. Does it refer to pain? Is it an acronym for acid, coke, heroin and ecstasy? Who knows...

© 2000 Flamedrop Productions
All songs written, produced and performed by Paul Blom


New track Tear It Down will be released soon.
(and maybe a few others?)


All of the above EP and single recordings will be collectively compiled as BELIEVE, backtracked from the most recent recording to the very first - a regression or historical retreat, from bad to worse(!) - whichever your preference.

- TEAR IT DOWN (2016)
- A D8 WITH F8 (1997)


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