Chilling, thrilling and goddamned scary is what this is! Raccoon City is overrun by zombies and you can play either Leon or Claire (each on their own disc, to get to the bottom of the Umbrella Corporation's evil experiments. It will take a lot for developers to match the atmosphere and sheer terror wrapped in this package. Shooting zombies, collecting better weapons, medical packs, keys and clues embroil you in an action packed mystery that comes to its own only if played alone in the dark. You'll shit yourself! A near masterpiece for horror-fans.

5 / B
- PB

1 2 3 4 5 6
A - B - C


6 - Volcanic
5 - Blistering
4 - Hot
3 - Smolder
2 - Room Temperature
1 - Fizzled
0 - Extinguished

A - Long Term Shelf Life
B - Deserves Another Play
C - Once Should Suffice