The Work Of Director JONATHAN GLAZER

Jonathan Glazer has made a variety of music videos, commercials, as well as films (Sexy Beast, Birth). The musicians and bands he's worked with include mainly British acts like
Radiohead (a few including the fantastic Karma Police), Blur (Clockwork Orange rip), UNKLE with Thom Yorke of Radiohead (an absolutely incredible video), Richard Ashcroft, Jamiroquai, Massive Attack as well as Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds. The different segments of the DVD have these wacky inbetweeners while the menu has hilarious cheesy radio voiced commentaries each time you shift to a new clip. His adverts include the amazing surfing one for Guinness, plus a wild Levi's clip, and funny a one for Stella Artois. He's even made ads for VW. Interviews, and commentary tracks can be accessed for more details behind the videos. As with all of these Directors Label selections, the music videos are extremely memorable cinematic moments worth re-viewing as opposed to the fleeting so-what videos on daily rotation. The menus are also slick and individual to each director.

5 / A
- PB

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