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Besides the legitimate releases you'll find here, over the decades there have been many compilations and underground collections using V.O.D tracks which we don't even know about - so if you happen to come across any, do contact us so we can get a copy for the archive. And if you have any video footage or pics of V.O.D, we'd like to check them out as well -
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(1988 - Compilation Cassette)
> cover not available

South African HardCore compilation released by one of the country’s first underground labels, PowerNoize. The compilation featured 9 local Punk / HC bands like PowerAge, Screaming Foetus, and Chaos SA. This is the only recording featuring the original V.O.D line-up: Neil “The Viking” (vocals), Dangerous Dan Dion (drums), Wacky Clacky Radley (bass), and Greg McEwan (on 2-string guitar!). Contains the tracks Cruel Science and You & Me (instrumental which morphed into The Front, which was further altered in the early ‘90s by slowing it down extensively, except for the speedy chorus). Also featured the only recordings of Aaaaarghcore and Fuckin’ Snobpunx. This is very much Swedish Hardcore style eg. Anti-Cimex, Mob 47 and some Dutch LARM thrown in.
Xeroxed cover. Audio quality poor. Out of print. (But if anyone still has one, we’d love to make a copy!)

(1988 - Demo Cassette)
A WOT Demo
> cover not available

V.O.D’s first attempt at a demo. Recorded in 3 hours at Krakatoa Studios in Cape Town for the astronomical cost of R180! This was definitely the engineer’s first taste of punk, resulting in a very ‘sterile’, no bottom-end mix. Stewart Hendry on GBH-ish vocals, Radley Clack on bass, Neil ‘Thunder’ on drums and Greg McEwan (now promoted to three strings) on guitar. Tracks include Death March, The Front, From Me To You, Cruel Science, Snobpunx, Anti-Oi and Lazy Bastards.
Xeroxed cover. Audio quality fair. Out of print. Self-released.

(1990 - Demo Cassette)
Blatant Records

This is by far the demo that put V.O.D on the ‘metal map’ in South Africa. The project was initially slated as the Trojan Horse vinyl album. It ended up being a cassette release (extensively pirated and distributed all over the place). One of the many attempts were recorded live one hot Sunday afternoon at Roxon rehearsal studios. It wasn’t up to scratch. Some tracks were recorded at SABC’s P1 with Dirk Van Straaten but came out too clean, not mean. Some rehearsal- and live 4-track recordings from an alternative club in cape Town, The Stage, together with some further recordings (overseen by vocalist Francois and Paul Zimmerman at StarNet Studios) became the bulk of the demo (plus additional soundFX and moods created by Francois). The Seventh demo also saw the most stable and powerful V.O.D line-up recorded for the first time and without a doubt surpassed all of the band’s expectations as it catapulted them to the top of a very new and very hungry SA metal scene. The Seventh in all of it’s unpolished rawness best reflects the huge voluminous energy, unpredictability and diversity of SA’s Metal pioneers. To date this is still a cult collectible and cherished by many V.O.D supporters. With extensive sales and favourable press in an awakening scene, InHouse Records started sniffed at the V.O.D door, resulting in a controversial 4 year record contract favouring the label and not the band (as with all of its signees). Tracks include such live favourites as March Of The VOD, Goodbye, Stormbringer, Trojan Horse, (the humourous) My Cat’s Kcoc, The Path, and instrumentals Legions Of Death, and Valve Overdrive.
Colour Xeroxed cover. Audio quality good. Self-released.
Vocals: Francois Breytenbach Blom
Guitar: Greg McEwan Marriott
Bass: Diccon Harper
Drums: Paul Blom

(1992 - Cassette Album)
InHouse Records

V.O.D’s first recording for InHouse Records. The professional production and release gave the band even more credibility (but no cash). Recorded at Wooden Ear studios in Johannesburg, the already frequent tours to Johannesburg and surrounds also got stepped up. Shows got bigger and more crowded as the rabid Metal scene ignited. While the audio quality was good, the band does not consider it one of their greatest achievements - yet it also turned into a fan favourite, becoming one of the widest distributed, listened (and copied) Metal demos of the time. This must-have release also made a stir abroad amoung the international underground as well as local press. Airplay and interviews on radio stations like Radio 5 (especially from Barney Simon and Phil Wright) further paved the way for the band’s cult status as one of the country’s oldest and most respected bands that everyone tried to beat (or at least match). Many tried. With the SA Metal scene at its peak, and V.O.D packing out previously unapproachable clubs and bigger venues, the demo entered the SA indie charts (another first), pushing V.O.D to number 2 on Wits Radio (also making waves on UCT Radio and various international indie stations from France and Sweden to Colombia and Romania). The track listing include several re-recordings of Seventh Demo tracks, as well as Blunt Instrument, Wrath Of Nemesis, The Front (new slowed down version) and Welcome To South Africaaargh!!!.
Colour printed cover. Audio quality very good.

(1992 - VHS)
InHouse Records

Rather lame, one-dimensional promo video shot in Wooden Ear Studios with InHouse bands playing their songs live to a single, not very active camera. V.O.D spiced up the mood a bit with the candelabras trekked up from Cape Town in Skeletor’s Kombi! But, apparently another band’s performance was taped over most of this performance! A re-shoot ended up catching Francois with a lacerated voice from the daily Black Cathedral audio recordings – his attitude at having to redo it all with no voice rather evident, yet it still captures the V.O.D groove. Evidently the compilation got its title from the groundbreaking V.O.D song. Besides this track, others include Don’t Fear, Welcome To South Africaaaargh!!!, Blunt Instrument, Trojan Horse, Stormbringer and Goodbye. Other bands include Urban Assault, Retribution Denied, and Debauchery.
Colour printed cover. Sound quality good.

(1993 - CD Compilation)
InHouse Records

While Voice Of Destruction didn’t fit the generic mould or expectations at a time of international Death Metal mania, they stood out amid the other bands on the first InHouse compilation CD. Their top acts at the time were of course V.O.D, Debauchery, Retribution Denied and Abhorrence. While the other bands delivered a couple of tracks, V.O.D again broke the norm by including their multi-chaptered, 13-minute epic If I Had A Soul. This masterpiece captures V.O.D’s unique style of incorporating diverse Metal styles and tempo changes without once breaking continuity or falling into boring repetition. In the wake of the tide-turning song Black Cathedral, If I Had A Soul certainly signaled the band’s coming of age, both in the song quality and musical maturity. The song also features a far-out bass solo from Diccon. If I Had A Soul received great acclaim from magazines such as Terrorizer (UK), Aardschock (NE) and Rock Hard (DE). The CD was distributed by Morbid Records and Semaphore Germany, its limited pressing selling out swiftly.
Sound quality very good.

(1993 - VHS)
Flamedrop / FlowerPower Underground Productions

Project of drummer Paul, containing multi-camera set-ups of various V.O.D live shows throughout 1993. It includes footage from a live Arties practice session, The Playground, the Raffles Anti-Drug Campaign and the show with Napalm Death during their SA tour. The video was digitally edited by Paul on one of the first Mac based Media 100 systems in the country at that time. With all of the sound recorded by the cameras, it retains that raw “live” feel in all its primal e- or de-ficiencies! Also features interviews, off-stage footage and general goofing around, including the legendary Afrikaans Swearing Guide. Songs include the total range of V.O.D songs from reworked punk tunes to the If I Had A Soul era. Professionally packaged with colour cover and A3 fold out booklet.
Running time: 120mins. Self-released.

(1994 - Cassette Compilation)
InHouse Records

An add-on cassette version of the Death Of Africa compilation CD with new artwork, added tracks and bands. At this time the disgruntled InHouse bands were getting restless, with a multitude of complaints about the label in many areas. At the time of this tape’s release, three of the featured bands had already split up and those who were left over soon parted company with the label. The additional V.O.D tracks include re-recordings of Welcome To South Africaaargh!!!, Black Cathedral and Goodbye. Extra bands were Funeral and Sepsis.

V.O.D ’91-’94 Demo Compilation
(1994 - Cassette
Blatant Records

This is basically a collection of songs from the Seventh and Black Cathedral with If I Had A Soul thrown in (from the sold out Death Of Africa CD). It was compiled by the band to send out as promotional tape to a variety of underground ‘zines and radio stations to make up for InHouse Records’ neglected and goddamned slack promo. The relationship was soon to be severed when Morbid Records in Germany showed keen interest.
Xeroxed cover. Sound quality good. Self-released.

(1994 - Cassette
Blatant Records

Self-promotional cassette generally handed out at gigs as a freebie. Contains the eternal If I Had A Soul (again), and two new tracks recorded at Lemmy’s as pre-production for the first album to be recorded for the band’s new German label, Morbid Records. As was the case with the Snail Little Man recordings at Krakatoa, the drum kit was an electronic one, which didn’t sit too well with Paul – mainly because the rock hard bass drum didn’t give the wooden double bass drum pedal beaters any bounce, and because the drum samples didn’t have a natural sound, but that fake ‘80s Simmons ring. These new songs were A Beast Is Born and an instrumental of Doom, which was initially conceived because of Greg’s nightly sessions playing the game with the same title. After this, the song’s focus changed drastically once Francois wrote the lyrics, giving it a completely different angle. The unique thing about this recording is the fact that these were the few recordings featuring the 5th member, Johan De Jager on 2nd guitar. Johan also played live with the band for most of ’94-’95 and joining them on the Autumn Wilderness European Tour.
Xeroxed cover. Audio quality good. Self-released.

The Documentary
(1995 - VHS)
Flamedrop / FlowerPower Underground Productions

Another video project by Paul, co-produced by Francois, combining their interest in film and motorcycles. For decades the Buffalo Rally has been the biggest motorcycle get-together in SA. Together with Philip Frances, they head to Oudtshoorn to document this nomadic event’s 1995 exodus. Besides interviews with organizers and bikers, it features the loud and dirty event in all of its glory. And what better soundtrack than one by V.O.D? The band has already been a favourite amoung many bike clubs (Francois also a member of the Gypsy Jokers in the ‘90s). The songs used are live pre-production recordings of songs like If I Had A Soul Part III, Doom, A Beast Is Born, Religion, JMSP, The Calling and Funeral.
Running time: 60 minutes. Professionally packaged. Self-released.

(1995 - Mini CD)
Morbid Records

V.O.D’s self-titled first release for Morbid Records (Germany) – March ’96. This limited edition mini CD had a run of 2000 copies and was used as a European introduction to the band, and pre-hype for the full length forthcoming Bloedrivier album. Besides the obvious inclusion of If I Had A Soul Parts I & II, it also contained two tracks recorded at the London Connection in Cape Town before the band’s departure for Europe. They are J.M.S.P. and a demo version of Needledive, the latter track already proving its popularity amoung the local scene during the band’s stay in London.

(1996 - CD)
Morbid Records

V.O.D’s first full length album for Morbid Records. Recorded at Academy Studios in Yorkshire (a favourite of bands like Cradle Of Filth, Solstice, Paradise Lost, My Dying Bride and Anathema). Engineered by Mags, this album culminated the band’s blood, sweat and tears to that point during a freezing English winter. The legendary album’s tracks include: Bloedrivier, Doom, A Beast Is Born, Funeral, Vir Zoë, Religion, If I Had A Soul Part III, J.M.S.P., Goodbye, Ring Of Brodgar, and Needledive. It also featured a hidden track of Welcome To South Africaaargh!!! and the live version of March Of The VOD, taken from the Live ’93 video). The initial cover print had a typo, with J.M.S.P. and Goodbye switched around. The cover art was of a Norman Catherine painting entitled Blood River. The album was followed by an extensive European Tour covering everywhere from the Czech Republic and Slovakia to France, Germany, Netherlands, Spain, UK, Ireland & more.

Ltd. Edition Video
(1996 - VHS)
Morbid Records

A crazy video put together by Francois (in Uncle Vinnie-mode) documenting the band’s stay in London. Includes general madness and make-shift music videos by for songs like Religion, Doom and Funeral. It was sent to Morbid Records as a lark, but they liked it so much they released it! Even retaining the altered cover of a free XXX video that came with a porno mag!

BLOEDRIVIER 10th Anniversary Special Edition:
The V.O.D Archives Vol.1

(2006 - CD)
ENT Entertainment

After a decade this album has held up remarkably. Besides the new artwork and reshuffled track listing, this special 10th Anniversary release is the first part of the V.O.D Archives series, and also contains bonus features like two never before seen music videos, demo mp3’s of the entire album, and a web link. The graphic and bloody video to Needledive was shot on Super-8 film and directed by Paul, sure to be banned by the SABC. He also compiled a video consisting of footage from various live shows on the European tour (with A Beast Is Born as backing soundtrack). The sleeve contains a foreword by Marq Vas.
The new track listing of the album: Bloedrivier, Doom, A Beast Is Born, Vir Zoë, Religion, J.M.S.P., Goodbye, If I Had A Soul Part III, Ring Of Brodgar, Needledive and Funeral. No hidden tracks.
Released in South Africa by ENT Entertainment. (Cat.No.: cdent008)

(2009 - Compilation CD)
ENT Entertainment

The Heaviest Afrikaans Compilation Ever!
This world first saw 16 bands of various heavy extractions with Afrikaans lyrics pulled into one place. Spearheaded by V.O.D's Paul and his Flamedrop Productions, t
his explosive 16 ton package includes everything from the first truly extreme Afrikaans song by S.A. Metal godfathers Voice Of Destruction (V.O.D), written and recorded in the early’90s, to the organic-digital fusion of new extremists André Van Der Walt. Another band which sent Afrikaans music into a whole new direction is K.O.B.U.S., with its core V.O.D & Springbok Nude Girls members. Expect the Fokofpolisiekar side-project Van Coke Kartel, Metal from Mind Assault, Insek’s Grindcore, NuL's electronic revolution music, and (V.O.D-linked) F8's Tekno-Grind.
Not to forget Industrial stalwarts Battery 9 with their trademark flavour. This collection is also an inadvertent reunion of sorts for the original members of this legendary act - head cahuna Paul's Breinskade rips it up while At's Somerfaan offers up an exclusive Kopskoot! remix. Huyser and Arnaud's Helsinki project also makes its global debut here on CD.
Other rarities include American Hardcore-Thrashers Conquest For Death, with a track especially recorded in Afrikaans, and a song in Flemish by Lion's Pride from Belgium.
Amid the testosterone, the (V.O.D-linked) female-fronted Terminatryx adds some beauty with an extreme edge.

Live '93 & Europe '95-'96

(2009 - DVD) ENT Entertainment

This first V.O.DVD combines the two video releases from 1993 & 1996, WELCOME TO SOUTH AFRICAAAARGH!!! - Live '93 and EUROPE '95-'96 (aka XXX Video Vixens)

Released August 2009

180 minutes featuring classic V.O.D songs live in South Africa and in Europe, with interviews, on-the-road footage, in the studio, music videos and more.
Europe '95-'96 features additional tour footage never seen before.
Extra DVD material include short documentaries:V.O.D - A Brief History (on the timeline of the band since 1986)
Before The Storm (the first V.O.D rehearsals after a decade, for the 2009 reunion tour)

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Since the late '80s
Voice Of Destruction drifted through a series of studios. Below are some of them.

Krakatoa (Cape Town, SA)

The Stage (Cape Town, SA)

Lemmy's (Cape Town, SA)

Roxon (Cape Town, SA)

SABC P1 (Cape Town, SA)

Starnet Studios (Cape Town, SA)

Downtown Studios (Johannesburg, SA)

Wooden Ear Studios (Johannesburg, SA)

London Connection (Cape Town, SA)

Universal Studios (Johannesburg, SA)

Academy Studios (Yorkshire, United Kingdom)

Koue Kobus Studios (Cape Town, SA)

Flamedrop Studios (Cape Town, SA)