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A vast amount of press cuttings and articles need to be waded through.
A wealth of historic bits & pieces got lost over the years,
but we'll try to get as much on here as possible (incl. web related links).

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Meanwhile, check these out...

THE ARGUS - Wednesday, 30 August 1989

This is the cover to one of several booklets Francois put together to
spread at live shows, containing lyrics, pics, artwork etc.
Yes, it's not a "press cutting" as such - too bad!

Paul's article on V.O D's European Tour - Top Forty Magazine, 1997

Scaly Scrolls - 1996

Below are links to some on-line pieces floating around for years:



- Top Forty Magazine, January 1999 -

The SA Tour that never happened - V.O.D did play the 1st Woodstock Festival in '99
- Top Forty Magazine, April 1999 -

Scaly Scroll - 1996

Piece by Paul in Stage Magazine, March 2001