In an over-commercialized world where advertisers vie for corporate contracts in order to convince a saturated public to buy the next useless appliance, diet formula, soft drink, or regurgitated ring tone, and politicians emerge smiling just before elections with gilded promises, there are some who choose not to fall into that trap.

The most easily identified alternative movements can be highlighted via musical taste - be it Punk, Metal, Gothic, Hardcore, Avant-Garde and countless others. This goes hand-in-hand with a lifestyle frowned upon by those ignorant of the mindset that goes with it. But once you have leanings towards music and movies that look at things differently, chances are that this is the way you approach everything -including life itself.
But, as with political and social factions, within these alternative minority groups you get cliques, elitism and separatism – the fear often present that this island of independence will be infiltrated or high-jacked.

So, it is time to amalgamate all of these groups who find themselves outside of the system - a system which has been established to benefit the elite, and one that is failing and imploding upon itself.

While the Alternative Alliance is not out to become a political movement, disenfranchised, ostracized and self-imposed anti-establishment thinkers still have the right to be heard on all matters.
Freedom of speech and freedom of expression is an integral part of this drive to bring together those who refuse to settle for what the media and corrupt governments decide is right for them.

Furthermore there is a broad youth spectrum completely denied, and by coming together can create a counterpoint to self-proclaimed youth leagues with their own agendas at heart.

Through forums, events and other social networks the Alternative Alliance will push to give an undeniable, economically and socially relevant (but far too often marginalized) group a stronger united voice, and to have easier access to their preferences in order to exercise their freedom to choose.

The aim of the movement is to unite alternative thinkers across all walks of life, including (and not limited to) both participants and creators in the areas of:

• Music & musicians
• Technology
• Movies & film-makers
• Artists
• Photographers
• Tattoo & body modification artists
• Performance artists
• Designers
• Poets
• Writers
• Fashion
• Events
• Venues
• Environmentalism & related issues
• Human Rights
• Anti-Abuse movements (human & animal)
• NGOs
• Non-profit organizations
• Charity organizations
• Extreme sport
• etc.

Isolating oneself from that with which you do not agree does not solve the problem – it is time to speak out, stand up & be counted, make a noise and make a stand.
The time is now.

* The Alternative Alliance is a conscientious, non-racist, non-sexist, non-ageist, non-speciest, inclusive movement, promoting healthy debate and expansion of alternative thinking, -culture & -lifestyle, without advocating or perpetrating harm to others or the world around us.

Categories and forums will be set up soon.
For any information or a link to add your movement, company, band etc. to the list:

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