With the legendary UK weekly rock magazine branching into the TV realm (on the SKY network, I believe), there is a refuge for those who feel they've been cheated by MTV (not giving enough attention to their extreme rock tastes), and VH1's Friday Rocks (being too repetitive). This DVD includes uncut videos to twenty of the most requested songs. It kicks off with the inimitable
Liam Lynch and his low budget smash, United States Of Whatever. Slipknot drummer Joey and his horror-freak band Murderdolls follow with gusto (not to forget his main band also getting a vivid clip towards the latter part of the disc). Ex-Black Metallers Satyricon punches in with a groovy riff (that unfortunately goes off on a lame tangent) - but the nudity, python and blood may be enough for some fans. Marilyn Manson's classic, The Beautiful People is one of the highlights. The high-school-skate-suburb-boy-punk-bands like Blink-182, Sum 41, New Found Glory and Bowling For Soup are obviously a part of the game. Bloodhound Gang's hit, The Bad Touch gets featured, as does Cradle Of Filth. Wheatus, The Hives, Stereophonics, Spineshank and Incubus as well. Odd man out is Eminem & D12 - (there 'aint no guitars in there, man!) - but hey, it's most requested, so deal with it. Some of the less impressive acts are INME, Alkaline Trio and Elviss. Extra features include a look at the Kerrang! Awards, backstage and on (with Garbage and Hundred Reasons live clips), many a rock star chatting about this & that (from Bruce Dickinson and Casey Chaos to Dave Grohl). Expect some rowdy drunken behaviour as well, particularly from raging Speedhorn. The picture gallery is pretty much non-existent (the film probably getting exposed in a booze haze). This is quite amazing, as I remember the fortune my brother and I forked over in Ragtime Records (Cape Town) in the mid-late '80s for the very first Kerrang! Video Kompilation featuring Iron Maiden, Warrior and Motörhead - and here I am, watching the new generation of rockers on the first Kerrang! DVD, almost 20 years later!

5 / A
- PB

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