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LA Ink 1

LA INK – Season 1

The first season of this popular tattoo reality show clocks in 13 episodes across 3 discs.

As one of the guest tattoo artists on TLC's Miami Ink, Kat Von D had a major fallout with the hardheaded owner Ami. This led to her moving back to Los Angeles and opening her own tattoo shop, High Voltage. This debut season you get to see how Kat has her shop built from scratch, and the recruiting of her team, including assistant Pixie, female tattoo artists Kim and Hannah, and Kat's idol, Corey.
With good times, stress and some amazing tattoos on regular people and celebrities (highlighting the emotion and reasons behind their choices), this season sets up the rest of the installments where Kat's personality, celebrity and brand takes shape – but also leading to things getting out of hand and friendships destroyed (just the kind of drama the reality show producers love to milk for maximum viewer attraction!).

While these shows are a godsend for alternative people who are not interested in morons like the Kardashians, it's a bit of a double-edged sword in that this traditionally outlaw and outcast art form becomes more of a commercially acceptable way of life.

This South African version mentions extra features on the cover, but is seems as though these have been omitted...

5 / B
- Paul Blom

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