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PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN - The Secret Of The Black Pearl

With Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom, Jeffrey Rush, Kiera Knightley
Directed by Gore Verbinski

Time for big budget swashbuckling fun. Jerry Bruckheimer pulled in
The Ring director Gore Verbinski to helm this ship with Lord Of the Rings co-star Orlando Bloom as the young heart throbbing hero. Depp puts in a very cool borderline (and often blatant) slapstick performance as the salty dog pirate who agrees reluctantly to help the youngsters to foil the vicious pirates of the Black Pearl, a notorious pirate vessel with which Depp's character has a close association. These cursed pirates are doomed to wander the earth without enjoying its tangible bounty, a state they're adamant to reverse. Wild, fun adventure but a bit of a lengthy running time for what it is. Depp lost out on a Golden Globe for best comedy role to Bill Murray for Lost In Translation.

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