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Telling the South African Alternative music story via documentaries on bands at the top of their Genres.
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Sunday 26 August, Hillcrest Quarry, Durbanville, Cape Town
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No Friends Of Harry ALTERnatives
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The first three documentaries will focus on:

Voice Of Destruction


(Alternative-Rock / Gothic-Rock)


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"ALTERnatives" is the umbrella title for upcoming feature length documentaries looking at the South African Alternative music scene against the backdrop of some of its prominent bands.

Together with South Africa's tumultuous history also comes an extremely rich musical heritage, covering a vast expanse of sounds and flavours.
One of these streams far too often overlooked and sometimes blatantly neglected is the Alternative music scene, encompassing a continuum of sub-genre variations ranging from Rock, Metal, Punk, Hardcore and Industrial, to Gothic, Avant Garde, Experimental and many soundscapes in between.

Alternative Music has always been seen as non-commercial and underground, but this is a fallacy with the lines very often blurred.

For several years Flamedrop Productions had been gearing towards not only telling the South African Alternative music story with a documentary feature film, but also one looking at the country's most prominent Metal band, V.O.D (Voice Of Destruction).
It became quite evident that while many are oblivious to the wealth of music sliding under the radar for around half a century, the story is too big to tell in one movie. So it was concluded to simply go all the way with several, each documentary focussing on a sub-genre and telling it via a prominent band within it, plus incorporating the many scene elements that made it happen (from the many other bands, producers, fans and venues, to DJs, promoters, journalists and more), also reflecting the country's climate at these time periods, from the 1980s to present day.

An initial trilogy will see the light, including:

V.O.D - VOICE OF DESTRUCTION (Punk / Cross-Over / Metal) est. 1986
NO FRIENDS OF HARRY (Alternative Rock / Gothic-Rock) est. 1986
BATTERY 9 (Industrial) est. 1994

Key members of these bands are directly involved to ensure no stone is left unturned.

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No Friends Of Harry ALTERnatives
VOD Voice Of Dstruction ALTERnatives
Battry 9 ALTERnatives

This is not just a nostalgia trip for those who were there (while some think they do, nobody ever knows the full story), but also a serious capturing of South African music history to educate (and entertain) several generations unaware of the fact, and many others still to come into a digital world, blissfully ignorant of the analog past on which it was built.

The door is left open to expand this with more genres and bands with additional linked ALTERnatives documentaries.

These documentaries will be submitted to a variety of film festivals and indie theatres around the world, and made available on DVD and streaming formats.
A companion compilation soundtrack album will also be produced.

Interviews are already underway with band members, key players and people who were there and survived to tell the tale.
If you feel you have something to add, from being interviewed on camera or supplying photographs, video, news articles and more, contact us.

With the scope of this independent project, a crowd funding campaign is being planned.
Details to follow soon.

Any sponsors and financial backers keen to get involved in this piece of entertainment history, don't hesitate to contact us.

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No Friends Of Harry ALTERnatives VOD Voice Of Destruction ALTERnatives Battery 9 ALTERnatives

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