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summerfest 2012

Band Line-Up :


Metal 4 is back again with the highly anticipated Summerfest, the first of their bi–annual Metal festivals hosted at Klein Libertas Theatre in Stellenbosch.
Once again Metal 4 will feature indoor and outdoor entertainment to quell every Metalheads desire. The Outdoor segment will see DJ’s bringing you all the Metal goodness you so enjoy, played to your hearts content along with special performances by Bob’s Beasties & co, promising not to hold back the evening’s entertainment.
Indoor is definitely the gem of the festival, featuring nine top class local acts from all over South Africa, guaranteed to get your head banging while getting you mosh pit fit.

Metal 4 Summerfest continues to grow in strength as it has steadily steamed ahead for some years now, it’s only a one day event, but boasts enough entertainment and filth to keep any ardent fan lucid for weeks.  Literally hundreds of people can’t wait all year for this festival.
Here is a bit of Insight from Patrick Davidson of Metal 4, founder & organiser of M4A Summerfest & Winterfest to wet blood thirsty appetites.
SL: So how many Metal 4 festivals are we standing at now?
P: SummerFest'12 will be no less than our 11th event of the bi-annual Summerfest/WinterFest series. And so far, so good! We trust that with the success of the series thus far, we will see at least another 5 years ahead.

SL: Excited for the show, seems the line–up this year caused a bit of controversy, can you shed some light on that?
P: We’re very proud of the line-up. It’s a very hard balancing act to include just the correct amount of everything, and to also try and give newer bands the opportunities without disregarding the older ones. The selections process is a committee affair, to try and level the playing field, yet even so there will always be people out there who disagree with the choices made. For SummerFest'12 we have actually received rather less negative public feedback than we've come to expect over the years. Somebody felt that we had only 1/3 of actual metal bands, but that person’s claim met much public resistance. Therefore, we feel assured that in all we have not yet "lost our way".

SL: You boys got anything special planned for this one.
P: You will have to attend the event to find out about that! What we will say is: each event we've hosted has followed a fairly similar formula, yet each has always enjoyed its own unique character. In that sense I'd say that each event is special in its own rights, yet that does also not mean that we become lazy in preserving or striving for greater excellence.

SL: I see you've just wrapped up a successful stage at Rock the River correct me if I’m wrong what’s next.
P: We actually cannot take any credit for Rock The River, although there was an M4A presence there. Above all else, we are first a website - and as such are committed to observing, sharing, and supporting the success of local metal initiatives. All we did was our duty in spreading the word. We'd like to congratulate Antonio of Gandalfs and his partners for Rock The River.

SL: Lastly I am doing a bit of research into the rising popularity of festival culture in lets call it “the new RSA fletching music scene”, can you shed some light on this, I mean why do you think SA is now starting to take the plunge whole heartedly into festival culture?
P: It’s clear that the last couple of years have seen a rise in festival culture. To be more truthful, maybe we should call it a "resurrection", since we had a great festival culture in SA already in the 90's, but fizzled out at the turn of the millenium. All things have an ebb and flow, however. We can all speculate as to what causes such ebbs and flows, but I'd venture a few guesses at the current situation: people seem to be going out less frequently, mostly because of more strict road laws and tighter cash flow. It seems that the more logical way of gathering people together is in high-impact events, fewer and farther between. It could be also that people are becoming more aware of their need to experience quality over quantity.

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