In South Africa we've often found ourselves in front of the rusty gates of history, and become a part of it. Here in your hands you're holding another such chapter - a revolution finally assembled in one package. A Revolution which is not a once-off, and will be taken further with a DVD version and future volumes.

In a country of contrasts and factions on many levels, the Alternative Community is one with its varied sub-genres, which at a glance seems too small to be mentioned. On the contrary.
In this landscape of Alternative minority-pools (with a wide range of different thinkers) there seems to be a further division - but the time has come for Alternative groups to stand together with a unified voice. We don't need self-serving, opinionated politicians to speak for us, we can do so ourselves - and one of our most powerful instruments is Music.
This hard-edged collection speaks in one of our 11 official languages, and simply cannot be denied - even if the press, radio and TV often turn their backs on this kind of music.
Slowly but surely the perception of Afrikaans-speaking musicians that you need to sing in English (to hopefully have a crack at making it abroad) is shifting. In any case, this type of music will not sit beside, cheap, cheesy drivel on the airwaves (in whichever language).
If your musical taste falls within the parameters of Alternative Rock, Metal, Hardcore, Grindcore, Industrial and Electronic adventures, then your prayers have been answered. If the abovementioned genres are strange to you, consider this the first lesson in your musical education.
What you will experience is an explosive mixture of South African legends and pioneers, new blood, SAMA-winners and -nominees, as well as unreleased and exclusive cuts & remixes especially recorded and presented for this collection. It includes the San Francisco/Tokyo group Conquest For Death (who do not understand a word of the language, but recorded one of their songs for us in Afrikaans); Lion's Pride from Belgium (with a Flemish songs very close to our language); an exclusive remix from Somerfaan; as well as several tracks available here for the first time on CD.
This collection will be incomplete without SA Metal Godfathers Voice Of Destruction (V.O.D) with the first ever heavy Afrikaans song, the legendary JMSP (written in '92, and recorded in '95). Another unique occurrence is the virtual reunion of the original Battery 9 legion, in the shape of related projects, including Breinskade, Somerfaan, Helsinki, and of course Battery 9 itself.
Amid all the men, there is also some beauty in the dominating shape of Terminatryx.
This album is not only a timeless Alternative collection bound to serve up countless hours of repeated listening pleasure, but is also a platform where listeners get exposed to the unique batch of musicians of whom they may not have been aware. So, if the undeniable music on KOPSKOOT! tantalize, incite, or excite you, do yourself (and the hardworking artists) a favour - buy their albums, attend their shows, contact them, and spread the word. You won't be disappointed.
The shelves are littered with dance "hits" volumes, and the repeated regurgitation of old compositions. Finally there is a CD collection where you won't feel embarrassed taking it to the counter, or will have you blushing when it's playing full-blast in your car or home.
Amid false prophets, conniving money-makers and chancers, true colours can be spotted from afar by a trained eye. This dynamic Alternative collection of dynamite sticks is not only true and original, but will blow both the heads off those who will no doubt attack it, as well as those who will take to it effortlessly - with one hell of a HEADSHOT!

- Paul Blom (November 2008)

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V.O.D was born in the mid-'80s as an anti-establishment Punk/Hardcore band amid a tumultuous South African political climate, where the controversial State Of Emergency reigned of the old regime. From this standpoint V.O.D attacked injustice from all sides with speed and volume. With the new rhythm section joining in the late-'80s, V.O.D's Crossover flavour head further into the Metal direction. By the early '90s V.O.D's legend-status grew even more in alternative circles, and toured regularly across the country (in a pre-internet & cell phone era) to spread the word of VOD - with some of the most explosive and unforgettable shows of that time. After several independent cassette albums, demo releases, compilations, a few video related releases, as well as the expected "local record company scam-artist" experience, V.O.D head for Europe in the mid-'90s to record the classic "Bloedrivier" album for their new German record label. This also led to a full European tour. In 2006 the 10th Anniversary edition of the "Bloedrivier" album was released (as "The V.O.D Archives Vol. I", loaded with extras), and in 2009 V.O.D will arise with to shake the earth with a long-overdue tour, DVD and more.


(Electronic Hardcore)

Andre' van der Walt is a band from Gauteng, South Africa. The line-up consists of Paul van der Walt on guitar, keys, vocals, beats & programming, Tjaardt Swanepoel on bass and Andre Pereira on vocals. The band started in November 2005 and sings in Afrikaans. Their sound could be described as a fusion of hardcore & electronic music.
Since June 2006, the band has toured most of the major cities in South Africa (numerous times), including Pretoria, Johannesburg, Durban, Stellenbosch and Cape Town.
Andre van der Walt released their debut 6 song EP, "Kontra", in August 2007. The band won the "Hardest Song" category of the 2008 MK Music Video Awards for their "Beeldskoon Is Nie Goed Genoeg Nie" video.
The band is currently busy recording their debut album entitled "Pneuma" and is also busy with the post-production of their latest music video.


photograph by Sean Metelerkamp

VAN COKE KARTEL - Algehele Kontrole
(Alternative Rock)

Van Coke Kartel is Francois van Coke (Vocals and Guitar); Wynand Myburgh (Bass) and Justin Kruger (drums). Since the release of their debut album in November 2007, Van Coke Kartel has exploded onto the SA Music scene with sold out shows and raving reviews. Their self-titled debut album won a VAMT Award 2008 for “Best Afrikaans Rock Album” and was also nominated for a SAMA 2008 in the category “Best Afrikaans Rock Album.” Their second album “Waaksaam en Wakker” was released in October 2008.
In 2007 Fokofpolisiekar decided to take a deserved break. This break period gave Van Coke and Myburgh the opportunity to express their mutual musical interests and the two started writing songs together. With Van Coke on guitar and Myburgh on bass the two created rock songs that told the stories of their lives and their experiences over the past years. Stories of endless parties, binge drinking, fights, the connection they have with close friends and living in Cape Town.
Justin Kruger is no newcomer to the family. He stood in for Jaco ‘Snakehead’ Venter (Fokofpolisiekar drummer) after an accident in 2006 in which Jaco broke his arm. Justin also recorded with Fokofpolisiekar on the first ‘Swanesang’ session in March 2006.



Terminatryx (pronounced: “terminaytrix”) came into being around 2002 with Sonja on lead vocals and Paul taking care of production and instrumentation.
This Industrial-Metal project resulted in part as an urge to create original sounds with a visual element, and in reaction to the South African musical milieu not having much to offer at that time. Their sound also includes hidden integrated elements of genres like Gothic, Hardcore and Darkwave, which further contributes to this unique new breed of South African music.
Besides performances across South Africa, Terminatryx was one of 4 bands chosen to represent South Africa in 2006 at Popkomm in Germany.
Their self-titled debut album was released mid-2008, and their first DVD, “Terminatryx/Nosferatu” saw the light on Halloween 2008 (and also includes the classic 1922 vampire movie Nosferatu, with a new original soundtrack by Terminatryx and special guests, as recorded live at the 2006 S.A. HorrorFest Film Festival).
All the Terminatryx songs are in English, but they make a point of including one cut in their mother tongue with each release – the first chosen here as Kopskoot! contribution.
For live shows, Sonja and Paul are accompanied on stage by Patrick (on guitar) and Ronnie (on drums).


INSEK - Satan Is Liefde

Insek played their first live show on 1 April 2005. It originally started as some rough ideas and songs that Christo Bester (Bass/Vox) assembled after the split of his previous band - South African grinders - Groinchurn in 2001.

Insek aims to add a new, original flavour to South African music , specifically the Afrikaans speaking market , as a majority of the songs have Afrikaans lyrics. The music style is grindcore and a range of other interesting influences like metal and punk , with a distinct South African flavour - they would like to call the style the "skrop" (The Afrikaans term "skrop" refers to chickens looking for food with their feet or a vigorous cleaning) Topics that are dealt with lyrically, ranges from religion, sex, race and other general philosophical issues.


(Disco / Punk / Dubstep)

Helsinki is a fresh, brand new project. The band was formed a few months ago and DNA on Kopskoot is their first official release. Helsinki’s mission is to produce electronic/dance music of the highest quality with lyrics in Afrikaans, English and Tswana. So much low quality music is released in SA – especially in Afrikaans, but also in other official languages (read extremely shit). Sorry, I didn’t mean to use the word ‘shit’… I actually meant p@#sh@#rd@@sn@@i shit. Helsinki aims to make a notable difference to this sad state of affairs. They are currently recording their EP – Helsinki – which will be released next year. Helsinki’s other interests include reading, dancing, drinks and girls.
Huyser and Arnaud have been involved in, among others, Battery 9, Somerfaan, Radio Lava and Diesel Whores. Pateletso has released an independent EP as Setseno (Crazyman).

"DNA" - written by Arnaud van Vliet, Huyser Burger, Pateletso Mokgotla


K.O.B.U.S. - Tienerangs

Initially formed as an experimental project in 2000 by vocalist Francois Breytenbach Blom & guitarist Theo Crous, South African band K.O.B.U.S.’ 1st release, (kobus! – 2002) displayed a flagrant disregard for uniformity.
Straying completely from the respective styles of their previous bands (Crous- Springbok Nude Girls, and Blom- Voice of Destruction). The 2nd release (100% Skuldgevoelvry – 2004) continued and expanded upon this genre-busting theme.

K.O.B.U.S.’ 3rd offering, the acclaimed SWAARMETAAL - 2007, sees founder
members Crous & Blom comfortably and unapologetically getting back to the business of doing what they do and enjoy best, rip-roaring Heavy Metal.
Hailed as a first of its’ kind, the first real Afrikaans-language metal album, SWAARMETAAL has since spawned a host of new bands in it’s wake (ranging from bad imitators to talented explorers of heavy music’s many different sub-genres) and a vibrant new scene have emerged within the all too often stagnant Afrikaans music culture.

In 2008 the SWAARMETAAL album received the SAMA award in the 14th South African Music Awards in the category Best Afrikaans Rock Album.


BATTERY 9 - Geen Genade

Battery9 is one of the very few “Industrial” projects to come from South Africa, and thus far the only one to break out of the sub-culture mould.

Which is surprising: the music is by nature extreme and unsafe. The lyrics (predominantly in Afrikaans and also in English) examine the darker side of the human psyche, driven by distorted vocals, chunky guitars and relentless beats. It contains a fat dose of cynical humour, twisted electronica, and abrasive sounds from industry. Basically, subject matter and sounds the neighbours get upset about.

Yet, since humble beginnings in 1995 with a self-financed first album, Battery9 has grown to be one of the bigger acts on the difficult South African music scene. The live act toured extensively around the whole of South Africa, both in the club circuit and at major music festivals.

Thirteen years later with seven album releases and one South African Music Award behind them, Battery9 are once again spewing bile at the rabble with latest release Galbraak.

Battery9 is the brainchild of Paul Riekert, who writes the lyrics and music, and sings, plays, records and produces most of what appears on the CDs in his own studio.


DIE KRUIS - Helmasjien

DIE KRUIS, spawned during the mid-90s in revolt against what Afrikaans-language music had to offer the at the time. Writing of lyrics & music for the 1st demo ‘Begrawe Jou Engele’, was begun as early as 1994 and released in 2000 as a limited 100 copies.
The new album ‘Niktofobia’ is to be released in 2009.


NUL - Elektro Berzerk
(Electronic Revolution Music)

NuL is more than a band. NuL is part of a revolution, rising from the undiscovered underground of the Internet to surface
randomly all across the worldwide web. It exploits the greed of the modern commercial Music Industry, by placing itself in
the ever-widening cracks in the Music Industry's draconian marketing strategy. The music of NuL does not adhere to any
formula. It is raw, pure, and from the gut. NuL is musical guerilla warfare.

All of NuL's music is freely available as high-quality downloads, and being Creative Commons licensed, NuL allows the
music to be freely copied and distributed by anyone for non-commercial purposes.


MIND ASSAULT - Stadig Verblind

Mind Assault was created as a metal band in 2004 by the four friends: Jacques Fourie (vocals), Francois Pretorius (guitar – lead), Patrick Davidson (guitar), and Donovan Tose (bass & backing vocals). In October that year, another friend was recruited to assist with drums on a temporary basis. As it turned out, Stephan Lenhoff remained with the band for two years!

Finally in 2007, Andries Smit took over behind the drums as the 5th permanent member. This completion of line-up brought the bands sound to that which had always been desired.

Mind Assault released their demo EP in 2005, titled ‘Social Engineering’, followed by their much publicized home DVD release, ‘Fok Voort en Suip Baie’ in 2007. Finally, in February 2008, the band released their debut studio album ‘Stigma’.

Over the years, Mind Assault has managed to place themselves on the map of Southern Africa by means of energetic and entertaining live performances, leading them to the stages of most of Southern Africa’s top events within the genre.


- Positiewe Houding, Negatiewe Wêreld

Exclusive Afrikaans Version

Conquest for Death is a hardcore thrash band based out of Tokyo (our drummer) and San Francisco (everyone else). Formed in 2006, we convene every six months to record and tour. In addition to two full-length CDs and several EPs, we have also toured the United States, Japan, New Zealand, Australia, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei, Philippines, Hong Kong, China, Mauritius, Botswana, Namibia and South Africa. In these last few countries we were exposed to the Afrikaans languages through our hosts and the bands with which we played.
Paul Blom from Kopskoot! kindly invited us to participate in this compilation but we had one major obstacle – we don’t speak Afrikaans(!). To help, a friend from Cape Town called Craig’s answering machine and translated the lyrics to our song “Positive Attitude, Negative World.” Please excuse our butchering of the language - Craig’s cheap answering machine, combined with Devon’s signature garbled vocal delivery, combined with the speed of the song have made the “Positiewe Houding, Negatiewe Wêreld“ version of this song somewhat incoherent - but we had a great time trying and we are honored to have been asked to contribute to this compilation.


F8 - SexHex

After V.O.D’s European stint (1995-1996), drummer Paul returned to the mountain and ocean of his motherland (Cape Town, South Africa). With a bass guitar purchased in the UK he began playing around with bizarre song ideas (1997). This led to crazy tunes with friends Julian and Werner, and a few lo-fi home recordings resulted. This took the evolution turn which became his one-man project F8 (pronounced: “fate”).
The minimalist combination of bass (mostly with a liberal dose of distortion), Roland TR-626 drum machine programming and voice, all the finer details got blown away to capture the core. This original sound-combination also led to the creation of F8’s own genre: Tekno-Grind. The style and themes fluctuate constantly, and can be serious or totally banal. The super-rare demo recordings “A D8 With F8”, “Pronounced: Fate”, “Addictions”, and “beLIEve” is markedly different. Thus far the track “SexHex” is the only Afrikaans F8 song, and was originally recorded for the (unreleased) Way Cool Records compilation in 1998 (at The Music Room with Dirk Van Straaten – R.I.P.).



Breinskade: Permanente Skade (1994-2005)
Brain Damage: Permanent Damage ('94-'05)

The unflattering, absurd side of the human psyche is normally suppressed or ignored in this rational and sterilised society; Breinskade celebrates it. (Think Dada, Surrealism, Absurdist Theatre.) Humor, bad taste and aesthetic unacceptability are the foundations of the project, which is why there are no "nice songs" with intricate chord structures and clever bridges.

The first Breinskade recording saw the light in 1994, when Paul Riekert (Battery9) started to make Rotterdam gabba -inspired tracks (with a distinct local flavour) as a hobby. A 6-track cassette-only release, Bierbaard, followed and sold surprisingly well.

A silly suggestion to perform Breinskade on stage led to the forming of a "performance art ensemble" by Paul, At Nel (Somerfaan) and Huyser Burger (DJ Fokolnonsens). The show was exactly 10 minutes long, brimming with absurdity, humour, unpredictability and violence; the set and props (consisting of failed consumer electronics) were smashed to bits in the last minute. This is still the only predictable minute of the show, the the other nine remain an uncomfortable surprise.

Permanente Skade (1994-2005) documents this madness, with a collection of tracks spanning the eleven years in the title.

An unsettling document of urban paranoia and terror, that will either leave you feeling happy and relieved, or will have you scuttling to the medicine cabinet for a tranquilizer.


SOMERFAAN - Die Spook (Kom Weer)
Exclusive Remix


Somerfaan is a truly original, award winning electronic artist from Johannesburg, South Africa. He co-founded the industrial band Battery-9 with his friend Paul Riekert in 1995.
They caused a raucous in SA from 1995 – 2000. In 1999 Battery-9 supported Faithless & The Prodigy on their national tours. In 2000, Somerfaan decided to go Solo.
He completed his self-titled debut SOMERFAAN in 2003 which mostly consisted of instrumental tracks. Later that year he was awarded the ‘Best Electronic Album’ by the SABC 2’s annual Geraas Musiek Toekennings award ceremony.
This led to him re-recording the album in 2004 with added vocals. It was released as Uiters Geheim. One of the guest vocalists were the highly acclaimed Chris Chameleon which sang on "Morning is broken". Uiters Geheim became an Indie as well as Critics’ favourite. His official second album, KykOfSyKyk, was released in 2007. Earlier this year KykOfSyKyk won a SAMA (South African Music Award) for Best Alternative Album.
Somerfaan is currently working on his EP named Funky Afrikaner. Happy listening!


- 11 of July 1302 (De Vlaamse Leeu)


Lion's Pride was formed in May 2000 rising out of the ashes of Division 99. The moment a steady line-up was achieved the band decided to continue working under the name of Lion's Pride. The name refers to the medieval Flemish banner and taking pride in cultural heritage, ancestry and tradition, an ode to the patriot soul. The bandmembers are veterans in the scene and have been active in various bands (and still are).

In the late '70s/early '80s bassplayer/vocalist Gunther Theys played in several Oi!, Punk, Hardcore bands such as Capital Scum, No Survivors, Addix. Meanwhile he gained more recognition with the obscure Goth act Danse Macabre and Black/Heavy/Folk Metal band Ancient Rites with which he released several albums. By forming Division 99 he wished to return in an active way to his earliest roots. It took years to find the right people.

Original guitarist Franci, aka Sisse, has been playing in Hardcore, Oi! and Metal bands since the '80s and with Lion's Pride he seemed to have finally found a band where he felt his work was perfectly understood. However in April 2003 the band and Franci parted ways due to personal differences.

Drummer Rony also is a veteran in the scene and has played in various Metal and Crossover bands since the '80s, he helped out several rock bands as a recording artist as well. Both Gunther and Rony are also active in the Heavy Metal band Iron Clad. After looking for a second guitarist for some time, the band was joined by Raf who has his roots in the Metal scene, having played bass in Excess of Cruelty and Aegrimonia and having co-owned a radical Death/Black Metal record label Wood-Nymph Records. In August 2003 Raf and Lion's Pride ended collaboration as Raf felt like exploring other musical fields.

An audition was held and the same month Bastiaan joined Lion's Pride. A session guitarist who has been active in several bands before. The band kept on looking for a second guitar player and by October 2003 the right guy to join the Lion's Pride ranks was found in Sander.

October 2006 Ancient Rites bass player Domingo Smets officially joined the band to replace lead guitarist Bastiaan who had left the band due to a lack of time several months earlier.

Musically Lion's Pride is rather difficult to place as their songs draw influences from such different styles as Oi!, StreetPunk, HardCore, Rock'n'Roll and Metal. Aggression combined with melody, catchy riffs performed with a powerful sound and sometimes even a melancholic touch. Lyrics deal with European history, heritage and everyday life.


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